On-Farm Energy Management Program FAQs

On-Farm Energy Management Program FAQs

What is the On-Farm Energy Management Program?

The On-Farm Energy Management Program provides grant funding to applicants in order to encourage energy efficiency in construction, addition, and renovation of their farm facilities.

Who is eligible to apply for the On-Farm Energy Management Program?

All Alberta farmers operating an agricultural facility who are undertaking a new construction, addition, or renovation project with a minimum of $10,000 gross annual agricultural revenue, and who qualify for the Alberta Farm Fuel Benefit.

Will there be a lot of funding available for projects under this program?

No. There is limited funding in the On-Farm Energy Management Program. Applications will be considered for approval on a first-come, first-served basis subject to the Program funding constraints.

Does it cost money to apply for the On-Farm Energy Management Program?

There are no fees to apply for On-Farm Energy Management Program. But a requirement of the application is that you have received appropriate approvals from your County or Municipal District (where applicable) for your project.

What level of grant funding is available for a prospective applicant?

This Program provides grants on a cost shared basis to cover ‘Eligible Expenses’ for approved Projects up to a maximum of $750,000 per Applicant. For further information about what items are eligible for this program please see the On-Farm Energy Management Program Terms and Conditions and the On-Farm Energy Management Program Funding List.

What are eligible expenses?

The On-Farm Energy Management Program has a Program Funding List which states technologies that are eligible for funding. If the applicant is seeking funding for an item not found on the Program Funding List, which they believe will contribute to improved efficiency on their farm, they may contact the Program Office to discuss the matter further.

Can I apply several times for this grant?

Yes. Applicants may participate in more than one Project under this Program, up to a funding maximum of $750,000.00, until the end of Growing Forward 2.

How do I apply for this program?

  • Complete and sign a Program application form. Mail it (do not fax) to the address on the last page of the form.
  • Attach a quote for each piece of equipment. If available, also attach a spec sheet citing the efficiency rating of the equipment.
  • Successful applicants will receive a letter stating their approval for a grant, detailing the equipment for which costs will be shared.

What are the processes involved for the On-Farm Energy Management Program?

Applications to the program are initiated by submitting the signed Program application package which includes quotes and a project description. Applications should be submitted quickly as there is limited funding. No program funds are considered reserved for any Applicant at any time. Applications that are missing information or attachments may be returned to the applicant.

You may be contacted by program staff for additional information. Your application is not considered complete, and is not part of the first-come, first-serve queue, until all required information is received.

If an Applicant is deemed successful for funding, a Grant Letter or Grant Agreement stating the list of eligible items, deadline for Reimbursement, and further instructions related to their project will be mailed to them.

To be reimbursed, submit the Reimbursement Claim Form and attach all relevant receipts.

All equipment purchased must be installed and available for verification by program staff within 12 months of the purchase date.

After installation of the eligible items, the applicant will provide the AF full cooperation for the follow-up survey detailing:

  • The work completed;
  • The production rates of the Applicant’s farming or livestock operation;
  • The energy costs and energy usage data of the Applicant’s farming or livestock operation;
  • Any material events, developments or circumstances arising in relation to the project.

If I apply am I guaranteed to receive a grant?

No. Applicants to On-Farm Energy Management Program are not guaranteed to receive a grant for their project.

I’ve already been doing the legwork on a prospective project for an Agricultural Facility and have bought some energy efficient equipment (and/or they have arrived). Can I still apply to the program?

Yes, if the equipment was purchased since April 1, 2013, provided it meets eligibility criteria.

How long do I have to install equipment purchased as part of the Grant?

All equipment purchased by an applicant must be installed and available for verification within 12 months of the purchase date.

How long do I need keep the equipment after its purchase?

The Applicant cannot return any equipment purchased under the program to the vendor or sell, exchange and give away any items for at least five years after the date of purchase. This includes selling of the entire farm.

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