Bringing Asian Flavors to Alberta, then all of Canada

Summer 2017

This Edmonton Food Processor has invested heavily in new food safety processes, infrastructure and equipment, with the help of cost-sharing from Growing Forward 2. More



Food Safety Credentials Make the World Their Market

Summer 2017

These honey producers have spent the past two years attaining Hazard Analysis/Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Food Safety Systems Certification 22,000 (FSSC22K) certification, with help from Growing Forward 2. Now, they can sell anywhere. More



New Systems Make Winter Watering Easier

Winter 2017

A producer wanted to give his cows more room, keep his dugout water clean and add organic matter to his sandy land. With an assist from Growing Forward 2, a new solar-powered water pump and fencing did all three. More



Pork Industry Embraces New Technology for Humane Euthanasia

Winter 2017

Over the past year, with support from Growing Forward 2, a pilot project introduced Alberta producers and vets to a better way to cull sick or injured animals. More



Clean Eggs, Healthy Chicks

Summer 2016

A project funded by Growing Forward 2 found wide variation in how hatching egg producers clean eggs, and developed best practices to minimize bacteria and the need for antibiotics. More



Prebiotic Supplements Hold Promise for Bee Health

Summer 2016

With project funding from Growing Forward 2, this apiculture researcher found that a product used in cattle could have value for bees as well. With bee populations still on the defensive, this could be a significant breakthrough. More



Province Supports Farm Families with Irrigation Investments

Summer 2016

The provincial and federal governments are providing $1 million in grants to improve water management, environmental sustainability and agricultural production. More



Software Brings Barley Breeding Data Together

Summer 2016

Alberta’s barley breeders will now have access to both phenomic and genomic data in one place. That’s a first, and funding from Growing Forward 2 helped make it happen. More



Bees Make a Comeback, Beekeepers Look To the Future

Summer 2016

Timely research, robust communications, and new products have helped Alberta bee populations recover in recent years. At critical moments, Growing Forward 2 funding was there. More



Putting Expansion Plans to the Test

Summer 2016

Owners of a popular meat shop take advantage of the Growing Forward 2 Business Opportunity Program to receive help in deciding the best action for expanding their business. More



Biosecurity Measures Keep Major Swine Disease at Bay

Spring 2016

The outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in the United States motivated worried Alberta producers to improve biosecurity in order to keep the outbreak minimal. More



The Net-Zero Egg Barn has Arrived

Spring 2016

With seed money from Growing Forward 2, Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) has helped achieve an industry first: a laying facility that aims to produce as much energy as it uses.

In Alberta’s successful, progressive egg industry, the opening of a new laying barn isn’t all that unusual. Take a closer look at the new barn operated by the Brant Colony south of Calgary, however, and it’s clear this one is different. More



New Packaging Lines Help Family Meet Demand for Specialty Beef

Spring 2016

Now, it’s easier for the folks at Messinger Meats to keep health-conscious consumers supplied with lean, high-protein Piedmontese beef. Growing Forward 2 helped make it possible.

Cattle producers like to find a processor and retailer who’ll give their lovingly raised beef the respect and market it deserves. Processor and retailers, meanwhile, aim to give their customers a taste experience that’s truly unique. More



A New Solar Program for Agricultural Producers

Winter 2015

On-Farm Solar Management – will provide $500,000 in provincial and federal funding towards solar energy systems on Alberta farms.

The program will help producers generate their own electricity and reduce their carbon emissions. More



Artisan Cheese Maker Poised for Growth

Winter 2015

The Growing Forward 2 Food Safety Systems Processor Program helped this passionate entrepreneur advance his ambitious plans.

If names like Fior di Latte, Nodini and Caciocavallo are unfamiliar to you, Calgary cheese maker Frank Fiorini would like a few minutes of your time. As the owner of White Gold Cheese Factory Ltd., he’s on a mission to introduce Albertans – and eventually, many Canadians – to the wonders of traditional handmade Italian cheeses. “We want to always be artisans, even as we grow,” Fiorini says. “We want to be sure our product is the highest quality available.” More



Pita Pioneer Aims for Expansion

Fall 2015

Calgary’s Byblos Bakery has found the sweet spot: consumer-pleasing quality, a diverse product line, efficient production and rigorous food safety. Here’s how.

Back in 1975, when George Daklala was first introducing Albertans to pita bread, would anyone have predicted that his company would grow and thrive for the next 40 years? “At that time, when we first did demonstrations with pita, people had never seen it before and had no idea what to do with it,” says Daklala. “It was a long haul at first, because it was completely foreign to most people.” More



Interested in Farming?

Summer 2015

This Agriculture and Forestry (AF) New Venture Specialist sees a surge in interest in agriculture, from people from all walks of life. Here’s how she helps them.

You might think that all Alberta farmers have generations of farming in their background. While it’s true many farms have operated for generations, Kathy Bosse is on the front lines of something quite different. As a Red Deer-based New Venture Specialist with AF, Bosse regularly fields enquiries from people who want to enter the business of farming for the first time. More



Farmers Target Increased Energy Efficiency

Spring 2015

Across Alberta, agricultural producers are using new ideas and emerging technology to reduce their energy consumption. Growing Forward 2 is making this easier. For greenhouse operators in Alberta's challenging climate, managing energy costs is an issue of the highest importance. More



Minister Olson’s column from Agri-Business Forward - Growing Forward 2 Programs Encourage Adaptability and Build Capacity

Fall 2014

A key focus of my mandate as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is to encourage industry innovation to meet the demands of international and domestic consumers. Alberta’s producers and agri-food businesses are adapting all the time - just take a stroll down the grocery aisle or through a farmers’ market and you’ll see an array of new products. Alberta’s agricultural firms and farms know they need to appeal to local, national and international palettes. More



Minister Olson’s column from Agri-Business Forward - Market access continues to be a strong focus in 2014

Spring 2014

Building new partnerships and agricultural agreements will increase market access and support Alberta companies as they pursue new opportunities in some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. More



Pork industry better equipped to prevent and respond to disease

April 24, 2014

Additional funding for the pork sector is a proactive step in enhancing biosecurity and education to help Alberta producers combat the spread of pig diseases and maintain a healthy pork industry. More



When we talk about the new Growing Forward 2 agreement, the word “innovation” immediately springs to mind.

AgriBusiness Forward - Fall 2013

One of the central focuses of Alberta’s Growing Forward 2 programs is to encourage new ideas that will help our province’s agriculture industry reach its full potential.

That’s why we are making significant investments in programs that support research, technology, market development, environmental stewardship and new business innovations. More



Growing Forward 2 programs reflect Alberta priorities.

AgriBusiness Forward - Fall 2013

April 2, 2013 was a milestone for the agricultural policy framework delivered by Canada's federal, provincial and territorial governments. On that day Growing Forward, in place since 2008, transitioned into the five-year Growing Forward 2 initiative.

There is a new focus on areas such as international market development, research, plant biosecurity and innovations in Growing Forward 2 programming. Other areas focusing on environmental management, livestock welfare, food safety and biosecurity, have been enhanced or expanded under Growing Forward 2. More



Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) alert

Aug 6, 2013

In mid-May PED was detected for the first time in North America; the Canadian swine industry’s goal is to prevent its spread from the US to Canada. Biosecurity is the key to stopping this disease. More



A Foundation for the Future

April 2, 2013

With the original five-year Growing Forward agreement set to expire at the end of March 2013, Agri-Business Forward recently sat down with Hon. Verlyn Olson, Alberta's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, to discuss the impact of Growing Forward over the last five years and his expectations for Growing Forward 2. More



Risk Management and Growing Forward 2

April 2, 2013

The launch of Growing Forward 2 on April 1, 2013 brings significant changes to the agriculture industry’s suite of Business Risk Management (BRM) programs. As part of Growing Forward 2 there will be changes to AgriStability and AgriInvest. There are no major changes to the other BRM programs, AgriInsurance and AgriRecovery. More



Growing Forward 2 Brings New Focus to Strategic Initiatives

April 2, 2013

Over the last five years, Alberta farmers, ranchers, processors and agribusiness have taken part in many strategic initiatives under Growing Forward. On April 2, 2013, the federal-provincial-territorial framework will transition to a new five-year agreement, known as Growing Forward 2. What’s different? What kinds of priorities and programs will Growing Forward 2 feature? More



Growing Forward 2 Agricultural Programs Launched in Alberta

March 25, 2013

Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Verlyn Olson announced the signing of the Canada-Alberta Growing Forward 2 agreement. Alberta’s farmers and the agri-food sector will benefit from a $406 million investment provided through more than 30 new or enhanced programs focused on priorities like international market development, food safety, agri-business innovation, research and environmental management. More



New Growing Forward framework will provide

stability and long-term benefit for Alberta producers

September 14, 2012

Agriculture Ministers from across Canada agreed in principle to a new five-year Growing Forward policy framework at their annual meeting in Whitehorse in September 2012. The Growing Forward framework, which was agreed to in principle, will set the stage for provincial governments to work on bilateral agreements with the federal government. More


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