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  • The On-Farm Energy Management Program is not accepting applications.
  • See the Farm Energy and Agri-Processor Program.
Program Availability: Not Accepting Applications
On-Farm Energy Management

On-Farm Energy Management



The On-Farm Energy Management Program has been discontinued under Growing Forward 2. It has been replaced by the Farm Energy and Agri-Processor (FEAP) Program.

Click here to visit the FEAP Program page.


Program purpose statement

This program shares the cost of investments that improve energy efficiency on Alberta farms. This enables producers to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of Alberta’s agriculture industry.

The Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Energy Management Program addresses three important industry priorities.

  1. Increased industry competitiveness. When producers make investments that improve energy usage on their farms, the result is a more competitive, adaptable, and sustainable provincial agriculture industry.
  2. Improved environmental stewardship. When producers use energy more efficiently, they are recognized as reliable stewards of Alberta’s resources.
  3. Improved energy management. Producers who install on-farm submeters are better aware of their energy usage and how to manage it to improve their bottom line.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Eligible projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Construction projects that install high-efficiency equipment from the program’s Funding List
  • Retrofit projects that improve the operation’s energy usage per unit of production
  • Installation of submeters to monitor on-farm electricity and/or natural gas usage
  • More sector-specific examples can be found in the factsheets to the right.

Who can participate?

Producers in Alberta with a minimum of $10,000 farm commodity or livestock production income.

Not eligible are residences and buildings used primarily for non-farm activities.

How do I start?

Click the orange ‘Subscribe to Receive Program Announcements’ button on the right-hand side to receive email notifications of any updates, such as re-opening or new rules.


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